Become an Investor in Less Than 60 Minutes

Dominic Laird – Emmy Nominated Media Professional and Writer of “Zero to Invested in Less Than 60 Minutes”

Stop feeling left out of the wealth building movement and get invested today! “Zero to Invested in Less Than 60 Minutes” gives you an education of the stock market and an action plan to follow.

If you’re new to investing or had an interest in the stock market but just never started, this book is for you! With easy to follow steps and none of the complicated jargon, start your investment journey today.

What Others Say About The Book

I have nothing but good remarks on this one! Dominic really focused in on the objectives and understanding of investing from a higher level which makes this one more appealing to the masses with nuggets of expert advice for the more advanced. A full spectrum book that is easy to consume!

Greg Bennett

This book can be described in one word…PERFECT! Before reading this book, I was discouraged with trying to understand any pary of the investing world. Other books lost my interest after the first chapter due to the use of big words and lack of explanations. This book felt like I was talking with a friend who actually cared about my understanding. It is an easy read, very clear, great explanations and well thought out. I never lost interest and that is very important to me! I can’t wait for another Dominic Laird book to be written. Buy it and read it! You won’t be disappointed.

Karen Rugless

I found Zero to Invested in Less Than 60 Minutes to be well-written and engaging based on the dialogue approach used, which helped to personalize my reading experience. Dominic is truly gifted with words and his ability to make concepts that often seem overwhelming and confusing simple and feasible. I definitely feel like I have a good start to understanding the basics of investing and I hope that this will be the first in his series of investment books. 

Dana Delamy